Mythèmes du Nord – Mythemes of the North

The project aims to map the evolution of narrative knowledge of the North in Europe since the Middle Ages by studying its smallest units – the mythemes of the North – and their narrative grammar in cultural circulation. It is using the latest advances of digital humanities, cross breading it with productive new-readings and sometimes voluntary misunderstanding of (post-)structuralist theories, cultural media studies and studies of geographies of knowledge. A byproduct might be a general Theory of Mythemes of Social Knowledge in Cultural Circulation.



Project – about us

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Project members

Thomas Mohnike is a professor of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Strasbourg.

Laurent Di Filippo is a researcher at Ernestine, Strasbourg, and associate member at the Center for research on mediation, University of Lorraine. His research is focused on the reception of various mythologies in contemporary popular culture.

Gabrielle Guéguen master student of computational lingusitics and the data mind of the project.

Claire McKeown is a PhD student working on 19th century British and Scandinavian literature. She also teaches English at the Université de Lorraine.

Antonin Pons Braley

Pierre-Brice Stahl is an associate professor in Nordic studies at Sorbonne University specialized in Old Norse mythology and its reception.

Simon Théodore